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       Harmonizes the Mind


Known for its earthy character, Pu’erh  is aged black tea from China. The process by which Pu’erh is prepared is a closely held secret.   According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the unique aging process that Pu’erh tea sustains is what gives it the treasured health benefits. Pu’erh is one of the most forgiving teas to prepare,  it can be steeped for hours without bitterness.   In addition to being able to steep Pu’erh multiple times without loosing  the flavor,  it also is very low in tannins.  The flavor of Pu’erh can range anywhere from rich, dark and earthy to floral and sweet.  For many, Pu’erh is an acquired taste.  Unless you are already of fan of Pu’erh we suggest trying a sample first!

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